Faciti Rota


Styles: Folk
Base: Modica, Italy

The Faciti Rota Fellowship

Music and Dance from Iblei mountains to Salento

The Faciti Rota Fellowship is a folk music band from Southern Italy cast by:

Salvatore Dipasquale: Vocals, Jew’s Arp

Andrea Chessari: Frame Drums, Calabrian Lyre, Zampogna

Saro Tribastone: Chitarra Battente, Flamenco Guitar, Tzouras

Marilena Fede: Vocals, Percussions, Dance

Giusy Cassisi: Dance

The Faciti Rota Fellowship performed all along 2011, gaining great popularity with its enthusiasm and its ability to involve the mass within the dance experience. Among several shows and exhibitions, it is worth remembering:

  • Taranta Sicily Fest, Scicli (RG)
  • Notte del Sorriso, Capo d’Orlando (ME)
  • Musica Etnica 2011, Noto (SR)
  • Rarike, Sampieri (RG)
  • Arte al Centro and Estate Iblea, Ragusa (RG)
  • … And many others in Catania, Giarre, Valverde, Scicli, Vittoria, Acate, S. Croce Camerina, Modica (Sicily).

A literal translation of Faciti Rota would be: let’s form a wheel. It is an invitation to form up a circle, with women and men, and begin to dance.  

These words gave the name to our fellowship. We organize parties and dances, mixing singed traditional selections coming from either Sicily or southern Italy with typical instrumental selections. All these selections accompany the dance until musicians and public come together to form, as purposed, a big dancing circle.

The music instruments played are striking and evocative. They belong to the Mediterranean southern music tradition, such as: the Calabrian lyre, the chitarra battente, the mandola, the zampogna, the Greek tzouras and the flamenco guitar.

These chords are followed by the percussion rhythms performed on frame drums. Their melody accompanies the typical dance of the Sicilian ballet, Calabrian tarantella, Neapolitan tamurriata and Apulian pizzica.


“The revelation band from Estate Iblea”

“An unforgettable night”

“They gave enthusiasm to the public with dances that recall an ancient taste”

“They have been the protagonists of a night which will be remembered for a long time”